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Bug reports, Q&A, guides, updates about Trendulus and new releases are welcome here.

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All your favorite TV shows are here, from The Walking Dead to Bob's Burgers, this is a place where you can share pics, videos or any TV

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Discuss about business ideas, markets, Q&A from business experts around the world. Hundreds or businesses are launched every day, sp

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Enjoy this Movie forum and expect to find reviews, movie recommendations, shows and trailers. Every movie is welcome! #Movie#TVShow

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The lobby is the friendlier community at Trendulus, where you talk about anything random and totally off-topic. Engage conversations wit

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Taking care of you, taking care of the community; health & fitness articles are all welcome. Find people who take care of their heal

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We love all things Technology, from the block-chain to artificial intelligence, from smartphones to robots. Join and discover new tech.

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Let's talk about games, consoles or news about your favorite game. If you own a PS4, an XBOX or a WII you're definitively welcome and if

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Android developers or enthusiasts are welcome here, share apps, games, tricks and more! #Apps#Android#Mobile

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Community forum made for people who like to read or enjoy to write. Read stories or post your own and meet people who are into writing t

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Get relationship advice from the community, helping people with their relationships is our mission. You can post secretly too. #Rel

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Photos of your cat belong here, share everything that looks cute to you! #Aww #Cats #Dogs

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A community where you can share your inner thoughts without your username being exposed, keep in mind that if you comment on your own post y

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Share random thoughts with the world

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Being an artist is creating, inspiring and seducing people using their senses. Explore the best art in this community and meet people wh

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Explore a community full of people willing to recommend you tracks in any genre, post any link to a song and share your musical tastes.

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Find everything about scientific discoveries and research in this science community, explore news about science and share your discoveri

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Traveling tips, destinations and experiences from the community. Share your thoughts with us and learn from the travel community #T

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Discover all the news about Bitcoin, it doesn't matter whether you trade it or mine it. Join our new community now. #Crypto

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Discuss about politics in a respectful manner, read news and different points of view in this worldwide community #Politics#News



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